Boult Audio STELLA

Stella is a Pro-Acoustics Series product by Boult, its stunning aesthetics combined with impeccable audio engineering delivers legendary acoustics with supreme comfort. Stella is a perfect companion no matter what you’re doing – working, commuting, or just making your way around town.

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Lightweight & Comfortable Earpads

The flexible headband and the ear cups are padded with soft protein leather, makes it lightweight and don’t think about hurting your ears or head after a few tracks, these headphones have soft leather ear cushions that make hours of endless music nothing but pleasurable to listen.


Core Features

High Fidelity Sound

Stella generates one of the greatest sound experience you could get from a headphone with Deep Bass technology delivers ultra-powerful, Balanced trebles, crisp midsand support


Minimalistic Design

Stella is lightweight, sleek and chic, occupying much lesser space on your neck. Wiith its design, perfect aesthetics and gorgeous leather cushion and headband, get ready to turn heads wherever you go.

Dual Mode

Designed for flexibility, Boost comes with a high quality Aux-cable to ensure uninterrupted playing even when you run out of battery


What’s in the box?

  • Headphones
  • Mico-USB Charging Cable
  • AUX Cable


Works with all Operating Systems: iOs, Android, Windows, Blackberry & others

Works with ALL Bluetooth enables devices: Smartphones, Laptops, Bluetooth enabled PCs, Tablets, Smart TVs


Product Features

Bass booster amplifier

Amplifying speakers gives you extra punch of bass and handles high crisps very easily.

Audio decode technology

It decodes the audio, for better audio quality.

Built in MIC

Ensures that the user can make calls, use voice assistant send voice notes on the go.

8-10 hours battery life

With up to twelve hours of continuous audio playback on a single charge, there’s enough to last all day.

Noise Isolation

Tune out the world with adaptive noise isolation that lets you enjoy the music even more.

Protein Leather Padding

The protein leather padded ear cups consists of easy music and call control buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the Bluetooth Earphones are hands-free with a built-in microphone. Yes, all Boult headphones have a built-in condenser microphone.
The Headphones/speakers are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, tablets, iPads, computers, laptops, Smart TVs, and all other Bluetooth enabled devices. Boult Audio Headphones are compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Blackberry OS and all other major operating systems.
Boult Wireless Earphones have a wireless range of up to 10 meters. Which make them awesome for workouts and other activities by keeping your phone out of sight and secure, and a battery life of 8-10 hours of runtime, and 1-2 days or standby.
The Boult Audio Headphones come with a 1 year replacement warranty!

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